How To Make Drones Quieter 11 Fast Ways

How To Make Drones Quieter 11 Fast Ways

Sick of the loud buzzing from your drone? I get it, and drone noise can be really annoying. That continuous bee-like sound that most drones make can be a real turn-off for many people.

Drones are all around us nowadays, doing lots of helpful tasks. But there’s a sneaky problem – noise. Do you know that humming sound drones make? Well, it can mess things up in certain situations. So, I’m here to help you find ways to make your drone quieter. That way, it can do its job without driving you crazy.

How To Make Drones Quieter

I’ve been through this struggle myself. I spent so much time looking for solutions to deal with the noise, even damaging my drone’s propellers along the way. But after some trial and experiments, I finally discovered how to make the annoying noise from my drone much quieter while still keeping it working perfectly.

Method to Reduce the Sound of Drones

Making drones quieter isn’t just about practical benefits; it also stops them from being annoying with their continuous buzzing, which can be a swarm of bees. While making them totally silent might not be possible, there are ways to make them much quieter. This guide explores methods to help your drone produce less noise.

1.Choosing the Right Propellers to Make Drones Quieter

Propellers are big drone noisemakers, so we focus on them to make things quieter. Switching to special propellers that reduce noise helps. You can go for bigger propellers that spin more slowly – this can significantly reduce noise, especially for most drones.

Choosing propellers to make less noise can help your drone sound better. Some propellers are made to be quieter and fit different types of drones. These special propellers work by spinning slower, which is an important factor in making noise. One propeller called the stealth propeller, is known for being very smooth and can make your drone up to 2.5 decibels quieter.

Noise drone Propellers

2.Noise-Cutting Covers for Propellers:

Another way is to add noise-reducing covers around the propellers to soak up the sound and make the drone quieter. You can use the covers for propellers designed to make the drone quieter and keep its propellers safe. These covers have super tiny materials inside that absorb sound waves, like a sponge soaking up water. They also steer the noise upwards, away from people on the ground. These covers can make your drone sound up to 10 times quieter!

That’s like turning down the volume on your music by a lot. These clever covers are a really great way to make your drone less noisy.

3.Adjusting Propeller Balance:

There’s a simple fix if your drone makes too much noise even with the correct propellers. Make sure your drone’s propellers are balanced properly. Balanced propellers work smoothly and make fewer vibrations that cause noise. Regularly check and balance your propellers to keep your drone quiet and working well.

Drone Propeller Balance

4.Make Propellers Smoother

Here’s a neat trick that people have been using for a long time: make the propellers smoother by sanding them. Just remove any logos and make sure the surface is really smooth.

This lowers the noise they make. Having a flat and even surface on the propeller blades creates less noise. If the blades are wide and smooth, they’re usually quieter than thin and bumpy ones. Also, keeping the propellers clean, fixing any scratches, and ensuring they’re balanced can help make them even quieter.

Make Propellers Smoother

5.Propellers’ Shapes Make a Difference: Better Design for Less Noise

Nowadays, new drone designs use fancy computer programs to make quieter propellers. These designs might change the propellers’ appearance, like making the tips curved or changing the shapes. 

So you should choose a drone with a simple and smooth propeller. These tweaks can decrease the noise they create by about 60%. But not all drones can use the same changes because they’re different from one another. So, people are still looking for ways to make each drone quieter in its own special way. 

6.Add More Motors for Quieter Drones

If your drone has big wings, think about adding more powerful motors. It can make your drone fly better. When you have many small motors, your drone can be quieter than with just a few big motors.

Each small motor can spin at a different speed, which can help reduce some noisy sounds. When a drone has a lot of propellers spinning at different speeds, it makes a softer noise. So, adding more small motors can make your drone quieter and more efficient in the air.

Motors for Quieter Drones

7.Making Your Own Propellers

You can create propellers for those who want to try something more advanced. This needs special skills and careful work, but it can help you make propellers that match your goal of reducing noise. Still, making your own propellers requires accuracy to ensure they’re strong enough and won’t affect how well your drone flies.

8.Try Using Active Noise Control (ANC) Tech:

Active Noise Control (ANC) tech is a fancy way to make drones quieter. It uses tiny microphones and speakers to send out sound waves that cancel out noise. When you put ANC systems in drones, they can actively make the noise go away, making the drone’s flight quieter. This high-tech method needs smart hardware and software to work, but it could help make drones much quieter.

9.Choose Brushless Motors:

Brushless motors are like the quiet achievers of the drone world. They are good at their job and don’t make as much noise as the older brushed motors. If you switch from the old-style brushed motors to these brushless ones, your drone will fly more quietly. This happens because brushless motors work smoother and create less electrical interference noise.

10.Get a Quiet Drone:

There are drones out there that are designed to be quieter. These drones have been improved to make less noise when they fly. 

This is done by changing the way they’re shaped to make them more aerodynamic. This helps the air move around them better and reduces their noise. So, if you want a drone that doesn’t make as much noise, look for one that has been designed to be more aerodynamic.

11.Optimize Flight Patterns and Altitudes

Adjusting flight patterns and altitudes can mitigate the impact of drone noise on the ground. Flying at higher altitudes can reduce the audibility of the drone’s noise, while selecting flight paths that avoid densely populated areas can minimize disturbances.

Using Software Tricks to Make Drones Quieter

You can tune the drone application software to make drones quieter. These programs can adjust how the drone flies to make less noise. They can make the spinning parts of the drone, called motors, go just the right speed to avoid sudden noise bursts.

Smart drone controllers can change how fast the motors spin based on things like how heavy the drone is, how fast it’s going, and how high it’s flying. In many drones, once your drone is connected to remote control, you can change the motor speed. Changing the motor speed to fit the situation allows the drone to make less noise and still fly well.

By combining various techniques and technologies, drone enthusiasts can effectively reduce noise levels, enhancing the practicality and acceptance of drones in a wide range of settings.


What are the quieter drone props?

Quieter drone propellers are special blades that help make drones produce less noise when they fly. These propellers are designed to spin in a way that doesn’t make as much noise, making the drone quieter when it’s in the air.

How do I make my DJI quieter?

If you have a DJI drone and want to make it quieter, you can try a few things. You can use noise-reducing propellers that are made to lower the noise your drone makes. Also, some accessories like propeller shrouds can help too. These changes can make your DJI drone produce less noise while flying.

Are drones loud at night?

Drones can be loud at any time of day, including at night. However, because there is less background noise at night, the noise from a drone might seem louder. This can be bothersome to people nearby. Using quieter propellers, flying higher, or using noise reduction techniques can help make drones less noisy, even at night.


To sum it up, drones are useful, but their noise can be problematic. While making them totally silent is hard, using the methods we discussed can make them much quieter. By working on the drone’s parts, like the propellers, we can make drones better for everyone and the environment. This way, drones can do their job without bothering people with their noise.

Waqas Azam, a drone enthusiast and tech expert, contributes to multiple blogs and websites, including Here, he reviews a wide range of drone models, aiming to share his passion and insights about this captivating technology with others.