EXO Cinemaster 2 Drone Review In-Depth Expert Insights

EXO Cinemaster 2 Drone Review In-Depth Expert Insights

We had the pleasure of reviewing the Exo X7 Ranger not long ago, which impressed us with its remarkable capabilities and performance. We’re thrilled to bring you the second installment from EXO’s lineup, the Exo CineMaster 2 Drone, which promises to take aerial filmmaking to new heights.

EXO Cinemaster 2 Drone Review

This comprehensive review will delve into the Exo CineMaster 2’s specifications, features and other notable drones. Join us as we explore the ins and outs of this impressive Drone to determine whether it lives up to the hype and delivers on its promise of superior aerial cinematography.

Before delving into the advertised features of the EXO CineMaster 2, we believe it’s important to provide a fair review by sharing some of the Drone’s real-world shooting experiences. This will give you a better understanding of the Drone’s capabilities and performance beyond the marketing materials, helping you make a more informed decision.

Drawbacks, Testing Results, and Limitations

Following are a few findings from different studies:

Comparison to DJI and other models

Some DJI drone enthusiasts have expressed dissatisfaction with the Exo CineMaster 2, citing features like a return home, follow me, and flying range not functioning as smoothly as they do in DJI models and the Exo BlackHawk Pro. Although the CineMaster 2 offers impressive capabilities, it needs to catch up in some advanced features compared to these competing drones.

EXO CineMaster 2 Obstacle Avoidance

The EXO CineMaster 2 has an obstacle avoidance system designed to enhance flight safety and allow pilots to navigate more confidently, even in complex environments. The system uses multiple sensors to detect and avoid obstacles in the Drone’s path, providing real-time feedback to the user and automatically maneuvering the Drone to avoid collisions.


Despite the impressive capabilities of the EXO CineMaster 2’s obstacle avoidance system, there are a few limitations to consider:

Limited sensor coverage: 

The CineMaster 2’s obstacle avoidance system may not cover all angles around the Drone, potentially exposing some areas to collisions. Pilots should remain vigilant and maintain visual contact with their Drones, especially when flying in tight spaces or areas with numerous obstacles.

Performance in low-light conditions: 

The obstacle avoidance system relies on sensors that may be less effective in low-light environments or when encountering obstacles with low-visibility surfaces. In such scenarios, pilots should exercise extra caution and rely more on manual control to avoid collisions.

Reduced effectiveness at high speeds: 

The obstacle avoidance system’s responsiveness may be affected when the Drone is flying at high speeds, as the Drone may need more time to detect and avoid obstacles effectively. Pilots should be mindful of their Speed when flying in areas with numerous obstacles or limited visibility.

The obstacle avoidance system provides a valuable safety feature for most scenarios. However, it is essential for pilots to be aware of its limitations and to maintain vigilance when operating the Drone, particularly in challenging environments or situations where the system may be less effective.

EXO Cinemaster 2 Flying test


The Exo CineMaster 2’s price point may be high for some users, especially when considering the cost of additional accessories and extra batteries. This could be a deterrent for those on a tight budget or who would rather invest heavily in a drone.

Low Range

The flying range of the Exo CineMaster 2 has been reported as limited compared to other drones in its class. This reduced range may impact the ability to capture footage in more expansive or remote locations, potentially limiting the Drone’s versatility.


Considering the abovementioned drawbacks, professional drone experts may want to explore alternative options offering more advanced features, longer range, and better value.

However, for casual pilots or those less demanding in terms of advanced features and flying range, the Exo CineMaster 2 remains a suitable choice, providing an enjoyable flying experience and impressive aerial cinematography capabilities.

exo cinemaster Drone

Better Camera Result

Decent Battery Backup 

Spare Propellers

Follow Me Feature

Circle Me 

Auto Return to Home Option

27MPH Speed


Tech Support is not Up to Mark

Exo CineMaster 2 Drone Specifications:


Video:: | 4K footage Sensor: | Equipped with a 1/2.3-inch CMOS  Video & Photo Resolution: | 3840 x 2160p for Video and 4096 x 3072p for Image Stabilization System: | 3-axis gimbal and EXOSmooth technology  Flight Duration: | Up to 28 minutes With a single battery Range: | 2500 Feet Size: | 12 x 3 x 2 inches Image Transmission: | Can transmit images up to 2,000ft away

What’s Included in BOX:

  • Exo CineMaster 2 Drone
  • Controller
  • Drone Battery
  • Travel Case 
  • Additional Propellers (Free of Charge)
  • User Guide
  • All Required Charging Cords
what includes in box of Cinemaster 2 drone

EXO Cinemaster 2 Reviews

In the second part of the article, we aim to provide an in-depth review of the Exo CineMaster 2, covering its specifications, features, and real-world performance. Following are some Key features of EXO Cinemaste drone:

Camera Result

The Drone offers outstanding camera performance, featuring crisp resolution, vibrant colors, and smooth stabilization. Its camera records high-quality 4K videos at 30fps and 1080p at 60fps, ensuring professional results. The Drone also captures images at a resolution of 4096 x 3072p, delivering remarkable detail and clarity. The advanced color science technology produces lifelike colors with an extensive color gamut and an impressive dynamic range.

Image taken from Cinemaster 2 drone

The 3-axis gimbal and EXOSmooth technology provides remarkably stable footage, eliminating unwanted vibrations and jitters to achieve cinema-quality aerial shots.

Flight performance

Flight time and battery life

Thanks to its high-capacity, intelligent battery system, you can boast an impressive flight time of up to 28 minutes on a single charge. This extended flight time allows users to capture more footage during each flight, reducing the need for frequent battery swaps and ensuring minimal downtime during shoots.

Range and connectivity

With a maximum control range of 1.5 kilometers (0.5 miles), the Exo CineMaster 2 offers a reliable and stable connection, even in challenging environments with potential interference. The Drone’s advanced transmission system ensures a high-definition, low-latency video feed, allowing pilots to monitor their shots in real-time and make adjustments as needed.

Speed and agility

The Drone’s aerodynamic design and powerful propulsion system enable it to reach up to 27 mph speeds, allowing for fast and agile flight performance. This Speed and maneuverability make capturing dynamic shots easier, following fast-moving subjects, or navigating through complex environments.

Smart Flight modes

Follow Me:

The Follow Me feature is a must-have for those who want to capture dynamic and engaging footage of subjects on the move. With this feature, the Drone autonomously follows a designated subject, keeping them in the frame while maintaining a safe distance.This lets you concentrate on seizing the ideal image, free from concerns about manually directing the Drone’s motions.

Circle Me:

The Circle Me feature enables the EXO Drone to orbit around a specific point of interest, capturing smooth, cinematic footage from all angles. This is perfect for showcasing beautiful landscapes or highlighting a central subject. The Drone maintains a constant distance and altitude from the point of interest, ensuring a stable and professional-looking shot.

Sport Mode:

Sport Mode is designed to capture high-speed action or enjoy a more exhilarating flying experience. In this mode, the Cinemaster 2’s top speed increases, allowing you to cover large distances or keep up with fast-moving subjects quickly. The Drone’s agility and responsiveness are also enhanced in Sport Mode, making it perfect for capturing action-packed footage.

Pin-Route Fly:

The Pin-Route Fly feature allows you to plan a specific flight path for the Drone by simply drawing the route on the Drone’s companion app. This enables you to capture smooth, consistent footage along a predetermined path, ensuring your shots look polished and professional. This feature is particularly useful for capturing complex or choreographed scenes, as it takes the guesswork out of drone navigation.

Virtual Reality & more:

It accommodates Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, offering an engaging first-person perspective (FPV) flight experience. Connecting a compatible VR headset to the Drone’s controller allows you to experience the thrill of flight as if you were in the cockpit. This feature enhances the overall flying experience and allows you to capture more precise and accurate shots by providing a better perspective of the Drone’s surroundings.

Safety features & Auto Controls:

Return to Home:

The Return to Home feature is an invaluable safety function that automatically brings the Cinemaster 2 back to its takeoff point. This feature can be activated manually or automatically kick in when the battery is low or the Drone loses connection with the controller. The Drone uses GPS technology to navigate back to the takeoff location, ensuring that you can always recover your Drone safely.

Obstacle avoidance system

The Exo CineMaster 2 has an extensive obstacle detection system, utilizing numerous sensors to identify and circumvent obstructions in its trajectory. This system increases safety during flight and allows for more confident piloting, even in tight spaces or complex environments.

Auto Takeoff and Land:

The Auto Takeoff and Land features make it incredibly easy for users of all skill levels to get the Drone in the air and safely back on the ground. With just a button tap, the Drone will either take off and hover at a predetermined altitude or gently descend and land on the ground. These features not only make the flying experience more accessible to beginners but also reduce the risk of crashes during takeoff and landing.

Hover Hold:

The Hover Hold feature ensures that the Drone maintains a steady altitude and position when you release the controls. This is particularly useful for capturing stable aerial footage or pausing and planning your next move during a flight. The Drone uses advanced GPS technology and onboard sensors to maintain its position, allowing you to focus on capturing the perfect shot without worrying about constantly adjusting the Drone’s altitude and position.

Power & Wind Resistance:

The Drone offers impressive power and wind resistance, making it suitable for aerial photography in various conditions. With a 20MPH wind resistance, it can maintain stability and control even in moderately windy environments, ensuring smooth, jitter-free footage. Its sturdy build, 3-axis gimbal, and EXOSmooth technology contribute to this stability.

The Drone’s 27MPH top Speed enables users to capture high-speed action or cover large areas quickly, easily following fast-moving subjects and taking sweeping landscape shots. Its powerful motors and efficient design ensures consistent Speed and altitude for optimal aerial photography.

Stabilization and Gimbal system

It boasts a 3-axis gimbal system that delivers stable footage even during complex maneuvers or challenging weather conditions, ensuring smooth, professional-quality cinematic shots. Its robust design and advanced gimbal technology enable stable footage in windy conditions or at high speeds, providing consistent and reliable performance for filmmakers to focus on their creative vision without concerns about shaky footage.

User Experience and Ease of Use

Easy to Set Up:

The Drone offers a hassle-free setup and user-friendly experience, making it ideal for first-time and experienced drone users. Users can quickly start flying with a pre-assembled design and an easy-to-navigate companion app. The app also includes tutorials and a user manual to assist in the setup process.

The Drone is suitable for new pilots, featuring multiple flight modes, including a Beginner Mode for safe and controlled flying. Advanced auto controls like Auto Takeoff and Land, Hover Hold, and Return to Home make it easy for beginners to operate the Drone without worrying about crashes or losing control. Smart features such as Follow Me and Circle Me enable new pilots to capture professional-looking aerial footage effortlessly, allowing them to master aerial photography and videography quickly.

Controller design and ergonomics

It has a well-designed, ergonomic controller that offers precise, responsive controls for an enjoyable piloting experience. The controller features a built-in screen for real-time video monitoring and customizable buttons for easy access to essential functions.

Mobile app functionality and interface

The companion mobile app for the CineMaster 2 provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing users to access advanced features, customize settings, and monitor their Drone’s performance in real-time. The app also offers tutorial videos and helpful tips to assist users in mastering the Drone’s capabilities.

Customization options

The Drone offers a wide range of customization options, enabling users to fine-tune camera settings, flight performance, and intelligent flight modes to suit their specific needs and preferences. These customization options allow for a tailored flight experience and greater creative control.

Alternative to EXO CineMaster 2 

DJI Mini 2

The DJI Mini 2 is another popular choice among aerial cinematographers, featuring a 1-inch sensor, 4K video capabilities, and a compact, foldable design. While the mini 2 offers a higher video resolution, the drone has advanced stabilization, intelligent flight modes, and longer flight time.

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Skydio 2

The Skydio 2 is known for its impressive autonomous flight capabilities and advanced obstacle avoidance system. While the Skydio 2 excels in these areas, the Exo CineMaster 2 offers superior camera performance. Its 6K video resolution and 1-inch sensor make it more suitable for aerial cinematography enthusiasts.

Performance, features, and price comparisons

When comparing the Exo CineMaster 2 with its competitors, it’s essential to consider the balance between performance, features, and price. The Exo CineMaster 2 offers a competitive edge with its advanced camera system, stabilization, and intelligent flight modes, all at a price point comparable to, if not more affordable than, its competitors.

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The EXO CineMaster 2 is a prime selection for aerial filmmaking, boasting a cinema-grade camera, sophisticated stabilization, and smart flight modes that capture breathtaking visuals effortlessly and inventively. Despite some limitations, such as reduced effectiveness in low-light conditions and slightly lower maximum range, it balances performance, features, and price, catering to professionals, enthusiasts, and beginners alike.

While competitors have specific advantages, the drone stands out for its camera performance, stabilization, and flight modes, making it a valuable investment for aerial cinematography needs. It is a premium drone with superior performance and features for those seeking exceptional aerial footage and capabilities.

Waqas Azam, a drone enthusiast and tech expert, contributes to multiple blogs and websites, including Ecloudi.com. Here, he reviews a wide range of drone models, aiming to share his passion and insights about this captivating technology with others.