Fader 2 Drone Review Pros, Cons, and Performance

Fader 2 Drone Review Pros, Cons, and Performance

From a young age, my son strongly desired to fly and view the world from above. After extensive research and consideration, he purchased the Fader 2 drone, which he believed would offer him the necessary features and capabilities to advance his aerial photography skills.

Excited to try out his new drone, my son headed to a nearby park and launched the Fader 2 into the air. As he soared higher and higher, he marvelled at the incredible stability and maneuverability of the drone. With its advanced GPS positioning, real-time transmission, and intelligent flight modes, the Fader 2 drone was everything he had hoped for and more.

Fader 2 Drone Review

This article provides an in-depth Fader 2 Drone Review, features and performance. We will explore the drone’s design and build quality, camera and video capabilities, and flight performance and control. Whether you’re a parent looking for a drone for your child or a drone enthusiast searching for a new quadcopter, you won’t miss this in-depth review of the Fader 2 drone.


High-quality camera with 3-axis gimbal stabilization

Advanced flight modes and features for versatile aerial photography and videography

Compact and portable design for easy transport

Obstacle avoidance sensors for added safety and reliability during flight

Powerful motor and flight control system for smooth and stable flight


Less Battery Backup

It may not have the longest flight time compared to other drones on the market

Design and Build Quality

The Fader 2 drone has a sleek and stylish design with a black colour scheme.The Fader 2 drone boasts a sturdy and lightweight body crafted from premium materials that ensure durability and crash resistance.

The drone measures 6.3 x 6.7 x 1.5 inches and weighs only 73 grams, making it easy to carry around and store.

The drone’s body is constructed from robust plastic materials, making it sturdy and lightweight. Its propellers are fashioned from a flexible material that can bend and absorb impact, decreasing the likelihood of damage to the drone in the event of a crash.

Camera and Video Quality

Equipped with a 4K Ultra HD camera, the Fader 2 drone can capture stunning aerial footage and photos in 1080P resolution, making it a great option considering its price and video quality. 

Additionally, the drone boasts a variety of intelligent flight modes, such as orbit mode, follow me mode, and waypoint mode, that allows for effortless capture of professional-quality footage. Real-time transmission is also available, allowing you to view the footage on your smartphone as it’s being captured.

Flight Performace & Range:

With an easy-to-use controller, the Fader 2 drone is suitable for beginners and can be operated up to a distance of 80 meters, with a maximum flight time of 10 minutes. The drone controller can be connected to a smartphone, providing crucial flight information such as speed, altitude, and battery level. 

fader 2 Flight Performance Range

The drone boasts intelligent flight modes, including GPS positioning, altitude hold, and one-key takeoff and landing, making it simple to operate. Additionally, it has a return-to-home function that enables it to automatically fly back to its takeoff point in case of a lost connection or low battery.

Fader 2 Drone Battery Life

The battery life of a drone is a crucial factor to consider before purchasing it. With the Fader 2 drone, users can expect a flight time of up to 10 minutes, a standard flight time for most drones in its price range. However, this flight time can be extended by purchasing additional batteries and swapping them out as needed.

Fader 2 Drone Battery Life

It’s It It’s always a good idea to monitor the drone’s battery level and ensure it has enough power to return to its takeoff point safely.


The drone’s GPS is another important aspect of its performance. The GPS system provides accurate positioning and stability during flight, which means the drone can fly autonomously and maintain a steady altitude and position. The drone also has obstacle avoidance sensors that provide extra safety and reliability during flight.

Auto Takeoff & Land

The Fader 2 drone has many features that make it user-friendly and easy to fly. The drone offers an auto takeoff and land feature that allows users to launch and land the drone with a simple button press.

Altitude Hold

With the altitude hold function, the drone can keep a stable altitude, allowing users to concentrate on capturing their desired shots without worrying about maintaining the drone’s altitude. The headless mode function is another essential feature that makes the drone easier to fly, eliminating the need to adjust its orientation manually.

RTF (Ready to Fly) Technology

The Fader 2 drone is also designed with RTF (Ready to Fly) technology, meaning that it requires minimal assembly and is ready to fly straight out of the box.

Aerobatic “Flip” Capability

Additionally, the drone has an aerobatic “flip” capability, allowing users to perform exciting aerial stunts at the touch of a button. The drone’s three-level speed control function enables users to adjust its speed to suit their skill level, making it easier for beginners to fly at slower speeds.

Fader 2 Drone Specs


Frequency: | 2.4GHz Channels: | 4 Gyro: | 6-axis gyro Battery: | 3.7V, 850mAh Flight time: | Approximately 10 minutes Controller battery: | 4 x AAA (included) Camera: | Full HD (1080p) Range: | Up to 80m Weight: | 73 grams  Dimensions: | 6.3 x 6.7 x 1.5 inches Memory card: | 4GB microSD card

What is in the box:

The Fader 2 drone has everything you need to get started right out of the box. 


1 x FADER 2 drone

_1 x Controller

1 x USB charging cable

_1 x User guide

4 x Replacement rotor blades


How long does the Fader drone battery last?

The Fader drone’s battery lasts approximately 10 minutes, a typical flight time for a drone in its price range.

How high will a Fader drone go?

The manufacturer does not specify the maximum altitude a Fader drone can reach. However, it is essential to note that most countries have regulations restricting drones from flying above a certain altitude.

What is the highest range of a drone?

The highest range of a drone varies depending on the model and the type of technology used. The range can generally range from a few hundred meters to several kilometres.

What is the highest-frequency drone?

The frequency of a drone depends on the technology used to control it. Most consumer drones operate on the 2.4GHz frequency, while some higher-end models can operate on the 5.8GHz frequency.

How to increase the range of a drone?

There are several ways to increase the range of a drone, including using a range extender, a directional antenna, and selecting a clear, open area to fly in.


The Fader 2 drone provides an array of advanced features at a reasonable cost, making it an excellent quadcopter option. With its 4K Ultra HD camera, GPS positioning, and intelligent flight modes, the Fader 2 drone is a great choice for recreational and professional use. The drone is user-friendly and suitable for novice pilots. It is also equipped with safety features that ensure secure and dependable flights. If you are looking for an affordable and feature-packed drone, the Fader 2 drone is definitely worth considering.

Waqas Azam, a drone enthusiast and tech expert, contributes to multiple blogs and websites, including Ecloudi.com. Here, he reviews a wide range of drone models, aiming to share his passion and insights about this captivating technology with others.